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Wing Wednesday Specials

$.75c Grilled Wings 

$3 Margaritas

$3 Red Stripe Bottles

$2 Miller Lites

Ready to immerse yourself in Point Break Culture? Check out our new dine-in location at 7134 Market Street in Ogden NC!


Wing Special - $.99c Wings

PB Original or Jamaican Jerk grilled wings, comes with 1 ranch and 1 sauce. 

Sharable Snacks- $11.49

Loaded Wedgies: Wedgies topped with our southwest veggies, garlic aioli, and mozzarella cheese.      

Beach Bomber Nachos: Islands chips topped with diced chicken, surfers salad, and mozzarella cheese. 

Rad Wraps - $11.49-

OG Wrap: Chipotle aioli, original chicken, surfers salad, mozzarella cheese.      
Rasta Wrap: Garlic aioli, jerk chicken, southwest veggies, muenster cheese. 

Burger Wrap: Chipotle aioli, beef patty (medium well), southwest veggies, mozzarella cheese. 

Veg Out Wrap: Baby spinach, surfers salad, garlic aioli, mozzarella cheese.

(Try all of our wraps on our PB style Brioche Bun)

Stellar Salads - $11.49

Sunrise Salad: Diced chicken, baby spinach, surfers salad, mozzarella cheese.   
Southwest Salad: Diced chicken, baby spinach, southwest veggies, mozzarella cheese. 

Beach Bomber: Diced chicken, surfers salad, mozzarella cheese. 

Sides - $3.99

Potato Wedgies: Baked potato wedges with secret spices, and parmesan cheese. 

Surfers Salad: Citrus black bean salad and corn vegetable blend.

Grilled Corn: Chipotle aioli, and mozzarella cheese. 

Grilled Mushrooms: With vinegar aioli 

PB Chips: Baked flour tortilla chips with a hint of Garlic Parmesan

Kids - $4.99

Cheese or chicken quesadilla 

Kids burger 

Grilled Wings- 3 Wings

Rad ingredients, gnarly flavor, and insane service